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Starke Leather Co.

Starke Leather Co.

The company’s name STÄRKE is derived from German word for “Strength”. As a men’s apparel artisan, we would like to put masculinity as a fundamental element inside our creation. We are eager to provide our customers a premium leathercraft that bring sense of pride in every inch of it.

Stags are remarkable beast which inhabit the land of tundra and tropical rainforest. They’re swift, sturdy, yet exotic creatures. The muscular physique and their majestic antlers show how they proclaim the supremacy among the herd of deers they lead. Furthermore, rather than being a mere display object, stags use their antler to compose a battle stance whilst fighting with ferocious predators. With these all admirations, we proudly adopted a Stag as our symbol.




– Available in Java (NEARLY BLACK ON PHOTO), brown, and navy
– Dimensi: 11 cm x 9 cm
– Slim design with 6 quick access card slots and single money slot with high quality patterned fabric
– Pull tab for rarely accessed cards
– Can put 10-15+ cards
– Made of premium quality pull-up leather
– Free Cable Holder (while stock last)

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